Riu a l'Ebre welcomes you to the Delta del Ebro

If you are planning your trip to this beautiful place, call us and we will design for you an unforgettable journey.

The Delta is a natural area of ​​outstanding beauty, setting the most important wetland in Catalonia that has 320 km extension.

endless beaches, rice fields that change color every season, deltaic flamingos and beautiful vegetation are mixed creating a magical space, without doubt a paradise for the senses.


Riu to l'Ebre is a company that offers friendly service to visitors who come to know and enjoy the Delta del Ebro.
Our goal is to ensure that people who visit us, take full advantage of the possibilities offered by the Delta del Ebro and know the best places, enjoy the gastronomic delights, perceive the essence and uniqueness of this natural space, recently declared Biosphere Reserve.

A team formed by a guide in rice cultivation, one travel agent in love with the Delta, its people and its environment and enthusiastic collaborators, willing to give the best to those who choose us.


Mª José Vergés


Juan Franch