Kayak rental

The Ebro river, passing through the Ebro Delta, invites you to take a nice paddle through calm waters. Taking in the scenary: a leaping fish escaping from the claws of another, a water bird…

Endless sunsets over the mountains.

We recommend booking in advance.





First we drive from Riu a l'Ebre to the beginning of the route in the picturesque village of Balada, situated opposite the "Gracia island", home to the monumental tree in Catalonia known as "Balada Baladre". Read more…


The route starts at the Riu a l'Ebre pier. The majesty of the river passing through the town of Deltebre, is imprinted in the memory of those who take this route. As we descend towards the mouth Read more…


First we drive from Riu a l'Ebre to the beginning of the route which is an old pier located opposite the island of Sapinya. Located in the town of Amposta, the island covers less than 7 hectares and has a purely deltaic character. Read more…


route shoulders

The route runs on the stunning Fangar Bay, among the structures that support the litter of these small bivalves. It includes a tasting of mussels, companion guide, kayak rentals, paddle and life jacket. Read more…


From Riu a l'Ebre we move to the beginning of the route in Amposta. We leave towards the Sapinya island, passing under the highway bridge and enjoying the riverside forest. In this area the current is low.Read more…


Conditions and requirements kayak rental service

To know how to swim. Minors must be accompanied by an adult.
Comply with safety and operating standards, such as the use of lifejackets.
RIU A L'EBRE will not take responsability for either of this conditions .
The kayaks used are self-emptying (open) single-seater, two-seater family. They are very stable and safe kayaks that do not require the assistance of a monitor nor previous experience. All our services include civil liability insurance.

Recommendations for the activity

Bathing suit or shorts and shoes that can get wet.
Spare clothes, towel, sunscreen and insect repellent.
Water or a natural drink for hydration during activity.


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kayak route

kayak route

kayak route

kayak route