Combined kayaking and cycling excursion through the Delta del Ebro

We begin this route at Riu a l'Ebre's pier as the first part of this adventure will be aboard the kayak. On the kayak we will witness the majesty of the river in its last stretch of the Delta, throughout the way we will witness the typical vegetation of the riparian forest, and different species of the native fauna. While immersed in the route and its peculiar landscape, we find on our right the canal or Gola de Migjorn, although a much narrower width than the river -it is perfectly apt for kayaking.

When we first enter the canal it will seem a very short distance but this is just the visual effect, don't be fooled, of the first curve. The Gola de Migjorn, last leg of our kayak journey, will allow us to further enjoy the route because of its peace and quiet, the silence may slightly be interrupted by the singing of different birds combined with the soft sound of water across the oars. Throughout the tour we will have to our left the Buda Island, a wonderful wild island that pertains to both the river and the sea and which is home to wild horses of the Camargue Region. We arrive at the beach and also to the end of this green freshwater canal and find ourselves a few meters from joining the navy blue of the Mediterranean.

We change methods of transport get on the bike, tracing the canal on the side of the road until we find a small dirt road that makes its way to our right, just before a curve. We cross a small "bridge" above a water canal and continue to the right until you find a few meters from the start of the old Sirga path.

Once we are among its wooden breakwaters, we circulate along rice fields always guarded by the riparian forest. We reach the riverside walk Sant Jaume d'Enveja, by which we ride quietly breathing in the simplicity of this town. We climb the beautiful Passador bridge to return to Deltebre. Once we got off the bridge we to turn right to find the path that hugs the river and take us back to our starting point.

This route requires skill and minimal physical form.
At the end of the kayak route our staff will provide bicycles.

Daily departures at 10:30h
From green to blue route (approximately between 5 to 5 and half hours)


  • Adults 35 €
  • Children (From 5 to 12 years old) 30 €

The rent includes oars, life jacket, civil liability insurance and road assistance, as well as the expert advice from our staff.

If you need a dry area to deposit personal items you can rent a waterproof canister. And if you take your mobile, do not forget to bring a waterproof case .


The online reservation process can be performed with minimum 48 hours. If you want to book for an earlier date call directly at +34 600 471 078.
If you come in group request your budget (Minimum 15 persons or more)