Combined kayak and cycling excursion in Delta del Ebre

We start the route in Riu a l'Ebre. With the Ebro on our left we continue forward searching the ramp that leads to the bridge "Lo Passador", equipped with a bicycle path where we can cross the river.

We pass in front of the Restaurant "Raco del Riu" and under the bridge, about 100 m later, we start our tour through the Sirga path, where we will go, almost all the route parallel to the river and flanked by a wooden fence. We go straight during 3 km for arrive to Balada, a small town located in front of Gracia island. Its only street delimits with Amposta and Sant Jaume villages. We can visit the Balada's oleander (adelfa), which it is listed as a monumental tree.

We continue and after 2,9 km we reached Sapinya island. The island, declared partial nature reserve, occupies an area of 3 ha and the dominant environment is riverside forest, although not well formed, hays and the helophytic vegetation. We pedaled during 7 km to reach the Yacht Club Amposta.

We left our bikes and we embark on a kayak, going towards the Sapinya island, passing under the highway bridge and enjoying the riverside forest. In this area the current is low.

In about an hour we arrive at the Sapinya island, located in the municipality of Amposta, the island covers less than 7 hectares and has a purely deltaic character. It has more than 130 plant species catalogued. Its river forest, consisting of willow groves and poplars, is very rich and requires special attention due to their conservation. Relative to wildlife, the island has an important winter sleeping area of herons, cormorants and other birds.

We sail leaving the island on our left to enjoy more secluded spaces that have more vegetation. We continue downriver to reach to the Gracia island, and we recommend following the right side given that the landscape is much more interesting.

The route ends at the Riu a l'Ebre's pier.

Daily departures at 10:00h
Delta road (approximately between 5 to 5,30 hours)


  • Adults 35 €
  • Children (From 5 to 12 years old) 30 €



The online reservation process can be made with a minimum of 48hours. If you want to book for an earlier date call directly at +34 600 471 078.
If you come in group Request your budget (Minimum 15 persons)