A full day between the river and the large tracts of roads turned into “bike path”. Great ideas to share with your family and friends.


Depart on bike from Riu a l'Ebre along the old path, for about 8km and you will find the beginning of the Sapinya island. Located in the town of Amposta, the island covers less than 7 hectares Read more….


Route from green to blue

We begin this route at Riu a l'Ebre's pier as the first part of this adventure will be aboard the kayak. Be above the boat witnessed the majesty of the river in its last stretch by Delta accompanied throughout our tour of the typical vegetation of the riparian forest, and different species of the native fauna. When we'll be immersed in the route and Read more…




We start the route in Riu a l'Ebre. With the Ebro on our left we continue forward searching the ramp that leads to the bridge "Lo Passador", equipped with a bicycle path where we can cross the river. Read more….


Mobile Cover

Universal Waterproof Case for all types of mobile. Protect your phone from water.

Case for mobile



Depart on bike from Riu a l'Ebre along the old path, which runs between rice fields, to discover the secrets of rice cultivation. Then you reach to the picturesque town of Balada, located in front of Gracia island. Read more…


boat watertight

Boat rentals sealed to store your stuff during kayaking routes.

boat watertight


Recommendations for the activity

Footwear that can get wet. Bathing suit or shorts that can get wet.
Spare clothes and towel to dry when the activity ends.
Sunscreen and insect repellent.
Water or a natural drink for hydration during activity.
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