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We start the route in Riu a l'Ebre and headed to the right along the riverside promenade to the bridge "Lo Passador". We go up the ramp and continue straight on Girona street. At the end of the street we cross the road and a small bridge that crosses the canal.
We pedaled during 80 m, we turned right to cross the road and continue left past the cemetery, then turn right again. About 600 m later take the path that appears on our left for about 2.6 km until you find a warehouse with a fence gray. We turned right and we follow the road until you reach the white house, "Elevació de Florença", that starts the drain.

We take the road on the left of the little house which arrives until the pumping station of Port Illa de Mar. At this point we turn to the right bordering the bay. It's a fantastic place to observe all kinds of birds: lagoon eagle, flamingos, herons, seagulls, …

At the end of the road turn right and, after go 1.6 km, we turned back to the right and follow the road for 2,2 km, there we will see an old rocket launch (small house that was used to store rockets which were launched to the clouds to prevent hail storms). We found the road leading to the Marquesa beach. Turn right and at the next crossing, on the left, following the road until you see a bridge crossing a canal and which we must pass; We pedaled parallel the canal course during 2,2 km and turn the same curve of the road, where we will turn left.
At the next crossing we turn right, We continue straight on passed the Marquesa beach road during 2,4 km and we return to the path that we have started after the cemetery, we are reaching to Riu a l'Ebre Riu again.


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