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Kayak in the Ebro

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The Ebro river, He is known as the largest river in the Iberian Peninsula, He finishes his last kilometers in a natural paradise we know as the Delta del Ebro, where kayaking is a treat for the senses. It is about … Read More

Route of the Mussel

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    Knowing the local cuisine of a place is a great way to deepen their culture. In the Delta we want to share our food culture in a different way, showing travelers the process through which passes a … Read More

Bike trails with children

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Do you have a baby or a child and want to make a bike tour by the Delta del Ebro? We help to dispel doubts. From the 9 months and even 5 years approximately, The best way … Read More

Winter in the Delta del Ebro

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  The winter landscape of the Ebro Delta is marked by the color contrasts. Thousands of flamingos spend the winter in the lagoons, as huge pink clouds resting gently on the calm waters. The winding flight of starlings … Read More